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Our speciality Bhajani and Peeth range comprises pulse, cereal, and grain flours, to make Indian flatbread products such as bhakris, thalipeeth, amboli, and ghavan. Bhakri Bhajani is also available in a variant suitable for people observing fast. These multigrain products are easy to make for those opting for healthier lifestyles.

These products can not only be had as breakfast and short meals, but also be packed as snacks for children owing to their nutritious properties. Satuche Peeth, one of the healthiest grain & cereal mixes, works its time-tested wholesome magic on all ages, from toddlers to elderly people.

Although our Chakali Bhajani is mostly preferred to make the all-time loved, crispy delicacy during Diwali, it is also available year-round.

Kaddhanya-yukta Paushtik

Thalipeeth Bhajani

Upavas Bhajani

Chakali Bhajani



A pure blend of taste and tradition.