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  • Lokvan Gahu Peeth

    Lokvan Gahu Peeth

    Lokvan variety wheat flour

    60.00 Order
  • Malvani Masala

    Malvani Masala

    Our Masalas comprise a range of blended spices tailored to achieve subtle flavours in specific dishes. These products stay true to their unique blend of seasonings and condiments, as well as possess the property of imparting palatability to the meal.

    40.00800.00 Order
  • Metkut Chatani

    Metkut Chatani

    40.00400.00 Order
  • Milk Masala Powder

    Doodh Masala – A mixture of pure dry powders and keshar. Enjoy it with just milk or as an addition to any Indian dessert

    80.00400.00 Order
  • Mirchi Powder

    Mirchi Powder

    This mirchi (chili) powder is made using the perfect combination of chilies to give you the red curry colour as well make it spicy.

    50.00500.00 Order
  • Misal Masala

    Misal Masala

    This spicy and flavourful dish is very popular in Maharashtra. To get the perfect ‘tarri’/ ‘Cut’ or gravy which is most flavorful part of this dish, you need MGU Misal masala made with the perfect spice blend.

    40.00600.00 Order
  • Moongdal Peeth

    Moong flour

    50.00200.00 Order
  • Nachani peeth

    Nachani Peeth

    Nachni or Finger millet flour great for babies and young kids

    30.0060.00 Order
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