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Welcome Traditionally, spices have played an essential role of bringing about the mouth-watering taste to
Indian food. MGU products retain this tradition of ground spices & blends
to make cooking easier and meals tastier.
MGU Masale MGU has brought out special spices for the gourmets.
These spices are available in different flavours.
MGU Chutneys Chutney is an inevitable part of Indian meals.
All the MGU chutneys enhance the taste and flavour of the meal.

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A pure blend of taste and tradition
  • Misal Masala

    Misal Masala

    This spicy and flavourful dish is very popular in Maharashtra. To get the perfect ‘tarri’/ ‘Cut’ or gravy which is most flavorful part of this dish, you need MGU Misal masala made with the perfect spice blend.

    35.00600.00 Order
  • Thalipeeth Bahjani

    Thalipeeth Bhajani

    These products can not only be had as breakfast and short meals, but also be packed as snacks for children owing to their nutritious properties. Satuche Peeth, one of the healthiest grain & cereal mixes, works its time-tested wholesome magic on all ages, from toddlers to elderly people.

    Although our Chakali Bhajani is mostly preferred to make the all-time loved, crispy delicacy during Diwali, it is also available year-round.

    50.00250.00 Order
  • Goda Masala

    Goda Masala

    One of our star offerings, this is a very common traditionally used Maharashtrian masala. The formula for this particular Goda masala has been passed down generations and it still tastes exactly as it did 100 years back. Popularly used in Maharashtrian dishes like Bharli Vanga, Masale Bhaat, Amti, etc., it can also be used for snack items or non vegetarian dishes.

    35.00600.00 Order

The best flavours for the spicy side of yours

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“ Excellent blend of spices, enhances any food. Exceptional value! ”

Shubhada Joshi

Shubhada Joshi

, 2 days ago

“The quality of these masalas is the best.
Better than other masalas in the market. Love the taste as well.”

Ashish Joshi

Ashish Joshi

, 2 days ago

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A pure blend of taste and tradition

Why People Choose Us

Clients’ Most Popular Choise
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