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  • Jawas Chatani

    Jawas Chatani

    As a super food that contains high protein levels along with Omega 2 fatty acids, this is a must accompaniment for your everyday meal. MGU Jawas chutney is rich in flavour due to the selection of added spices and perfect for people who don’t want to compromise taste for health.

    40.00400.00 Order
  • Karale Chatani

    Karale Chatani

    Although Karala has got a bad reputation for it’s high bitter taste, MGU manages to cut it down significantly with the perfect amount of roasting and added spices. Perfect as a side dish with any meal, this accompaniment is both healthy and tasty.

    40.00400.00 Order
  • Karnataki Pudchatani

    Karnataki Pudchatani

    A specialty from South India, this chutney is made using pulses, tamrind and jaggery that gives a sweet, spicy and tangy taste. Goes very well with idli or dosa and is a rich source of protein and iron.

    60.00600.00 Order
  • Khobara Lasun Chatani

    Khobara Lasun Chatani

    40.00400.00 Order
  • Metkut Chatani

    Metkut Chatani

    40.00400.00 Order
  • Shengdana Chatani

    Shengdana Chatani

    This is classic peanut chutney made using simple ingredients. Works well as an accompaniment with any food and is well balanced to suit everyone’s spice levels. Also is part of our Maharashtrian fasting days range.

    40.00400.00 Order
  • Solapuri Shengdana Chatani

    Solapuri Shengdana Chatani

    The specialty of this chutney lies in the kind of peanuts that are used; these are specially grown in Solapur that have a higher oil content. Thus, this chutney has a much different texture compared to the rest. Also, quite popular as it is a lot more spicy than the other peanut chutneys.

    40.00400.00 Order
  • Vada Pav Chatani

    Vada Pav Chatani

    40.00400.00 Order
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