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  • Karnataki Sandgi Mirchi

    Karnataki Sandagi Mirchi widely used in Indian and Asian recipes for the taste they provide. The Karnataki Sandagi Mirchi is an incredibly flavourful spice that is unique and spicy. In addition, it has its long lasting freshness and optimum quality.

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  • red chilli thecha 100g

    Fresh and red hot chillies are used to prepare this thecha that is just enough to give a spicy jerk to your tongue. It tastes delicious with daal, bhakari , roti and even with rice. You name any Indian dish and its damn sure MGU red chilli thecha is the best partner with the food you eat.

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  • Ukadleli Fansachi bhaji

    The earthy full yet tender texture of the jackfruit when converted into a bhaji or sabji tastes awesome and delicious. With freshness and simplicity of flavours Kacchya Phansachi Bhaji is the simplest recipe to make and serve to your friends, guests and relatives.

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  • Danyache Kut

    Roasted ground peanut-A peanut consists of vitamins and proteins that boosts energy and also have healthy monounsaturated fats which won’t spike blood sugar levels. It is good diabetic snack as well as excellent heart friendly snack. Peanut powder or as we call in Marathi shegdanyacha kut is an essential element in our Maharashtrian cuisine. It is used in vegetable curries, koshimbir,sabudana khichadi, sabudanyacha wada and ratalyacha kees also known as sweet potato stir fry as a thickening agent or just to add taste to the cuisine.

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  • Khobare Kis

    Grated dry coconut-Coconut is one such fruit that not only helps enrich your diet with essential nutrients, but also works for your skin, hair, and overall health! It supplies key vitamins and minerals which significantly increases the nutritional value of the food. Khobra Kees also commonly known as tender coconut crush is widely used to garnish desserts. It is also used as toppings or trickles on cakes and baked treats. It tastes good when dipped in fruits and chocolates or poured on pies and ice- creams when used in fondue. Tender coconut crush is also added to thick shakes and sundaes so as to magnify the taste and flavours.

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