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  • Pulao Masala

    Pulao Masala

    Most of our customers love MGU pulao masala. It makes your Pulao great but goes well with any kind of rice preparation.

    40.00600.00 Order
  • Rassam Masala

    Rassam Masala

    No matter if you’re having it as accompaniment with South Indian food or enjoying it as a soup on a cold winter day, Rassam made using the MGU Rassam masala will hit the right spot. It has the perfect blend of aromatic, herbs and spices.

    40.00600.00 Order
  • Sambar Masala

    Sambar Masala

    40.00600.00 Order
  • Spice Master (Seasoning)

    Spice Master – Perfect seasoning for any sandwich, pasta or continental dish, this is a must have for everyone. Goes great in salads as well.

    50.001,650.00 Order
  • Spicy Chicken Masala

    Spicy Chicken Masala

    This perfect blend of vegetarian spices makes it the best masala to add to any chicken dish.

    40.00800.00 Order
  • Sunday Masala

    Sunday Masala

    A great mix of vegetarian aromatic spices, this masala is more popularly used for meat dishes. The blend of spices gives a strong spicy taste to any dish and we would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a bit of heat in their food.

    40.00800.00 Order
  • Super Kandalasun Masala

    Super Kandalasun Masala

    A very popular Maharashtrian masala with its core ingredients as garlic and onion makes this a very aromatic addition that enhances any recipe it is added to.

    40.00600.00 Order
  • Takacha Masala

    Takacha Masala – Buttermilk masala

    40.00600.00 Order
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