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  • Goda Masala

    Goda Masala

    One of our star offerings, this is a very common traditionally used Maharashtrian masala. The formula for this particular Goda masala has been passed down generations and it still tastes exactly as it did 100 years back. Popularly used in Maharashtrian dishes like Bharli Vanga, Masale Bhaat, Amti, etc., it can also be used for snack items or non vegetarian dishes.

    40.00600.00 Order
  • A1 Kandalasun Masala

    A1 Kandalasun Masala

    Garlic and onions are the main ingredients in this masala but it also has a few additional spices that adds a spicy and more flavourful boost to the your food.

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  • Amboli Peeth

    Amboli Peeth

    A delicious kind of savoury pancake, the flour includes everything and is a great instant food mix without any added preservatives.

    50.00250.00 Order
  • Karnataki Sandgi Mirchi

    Karnataki Sandagi Mirchi widely used in Indian and Asian recipes for the taste they provide. The Karnataki Sandagi Mirchi is an incredibly flavourful spice that is unique and spicy. In addition, it has its long lasting freshness and optimum quality.

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  • Multigrain Atta 1kg

    MGU Multigrain Aatta is made out of best grains which provides you and your family wholesome nutrition

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  • red chilli thecha 100g

    Fresh and red hot chillies are used to prepare this thecha that is just enough to give a spicy jerk to your tongue. It tastes delicious with daal, bhakari , roti and even with rice. You name any Indian dish and its damn sure MGU red chilli thecha is the best partner with the food you eat.

    50.00 Order
  • Ukadleli Fansachi bhaji

    The earthy full yet tender texture of the jackfruit when converted into a bhaji or sabji tastes awesome and delicious. With freshness and simplicity of flavours Kacchya Phansachi Bhaji is the simplest recipe to make and serve to your friends, guests and relatives.

    40.00800.00 Order
  • Bajari Peeth

    Bajari Peeth

    Bajari flour

    30.0060.00 Order
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