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  • Nutmeg Powder (Jaifal Pud)

    Pure nutmeg powder

    50.001,650.00 Order
  • Panch Dhanya Peeth

    Panch Dhanya Peeth

    Made using different protein rich flours to make the healthiest bhakaris

    60.00120.00 Order
  • Pani Puri Masala

    Panipuri Masala

    The key to the most popular street food in India is the spicy green chatani. MGU pani puri masala takes care of this chatani by ensuring you have the perfect dry mixture of mint and spices. Just add water to the spice mix and your green chutney is ready.

    40.00800.00 Order
  • Pavbhaji Masala

    Pavbhaji Masala

    One of the most popular Indian dishes is incomplete without MGU’s Pav bhaji masala. We have ensured you get that authentic Mumbai Pav Bhaji taste every time you use this masala.

    40.00600.00 Order
  • Pulao Masala

    Pulao Masala

    Most of our customers love MGU pulao masala. It makes your Pulao great but goes well with any kind of rice preparation.

    40.00600.00 Order
  • Rassam Masala

    Rassam Masala

    No matter if you’re having it as accompaniment with South Indian food or enjoying it as a soup on a cold winter day, Rassam made using the MGU Rassam masala will hit the right spot. It has the perfect blend of aromatic, herbs and spices.

    40.00600.00 Order
  • Saatu Peeth

    Saatu Peeth

    Saatu Flour, great for babies and young kids

    50.00250.00 Order
  • Sambar Masala

    Sambar Masala

    40.00600.00 Order
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