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  • Shengdana Chatani

    Shengdana Chatani

    This is classic peanut chutney made using simple ingredients. Works well as an accompaniment with any food and is well balanced to suit everyone’s spice levels. Also is part of our Maharashtrian fasting days range.

    40.00400.00 Order
  • Sihori Gahu Peeth

    Sihor Gahu Peeth

    Sihore variety wheat flour

    70.00 Order
  • Solapuri Shengdana Chatani

    Solapuri Shengdana Chatani

    The specialty of this chutney lies in the kind of peanuts that are used; these are specially grown in Solapur that have a higher oil content. Thus, this chutney has a much different texture compared to the rest. Also, quite popular as it is a lot more spicy than the other peanut chutneys.

    40.00400.00 Order
  • Spice Master (Seasoning)

    Spice Master – Perfect seasoning for any sandwich, pasta or continental dish, this is a must have for everyone. Goes great in salads as well.

    50.001,650.00 Order
  • Spicy Chicken Masala

    Spicy Chicken Masala

    This perfect blend of vegetarian spices makes it the best masala to add to any chicken dish.

    40.00800.00 Order
  • Sunday Masala

    Sunday Masala

    A great mix of vegetarian aromatic spices, this masala is more popularly used for meat dishes. The blend of spices gives a strong spicy taste to any dish and we would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a bit of heat in their food.

    40.00800.00 Order
  • Super Kandalasun Masala

    Super Kandalasun Masala

    A very popular Maharashtrian masala with its core ingredients as garlic and onion makes this a very aromatic addition that enhances any recipe it is added to.

    40.00600.00 Order
  • Suvasik Tandul Peeth

    Suvasik Tandul Peeth

    Rice flour made from soaked and then dried rice specially for modak.

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